Monday, October 10, 2011

toilet signs

I snapped these in a little pub in Maitland NSW
I think they are the BEST I have ever seen, so much better than "Lads and Lassies" and other nauseating alteratives

Please excuse the quality as they were taken on my phone. I have a stoopid phone not a smart phone

I would love to see what the designer could give us for a breastfeeding room sign!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

This is what arriving home looks like

The two older Kids are horrified at the thought they might have to clean the car! The cheery guy in the pic is Taff. We travelled 4817 km in 15 days!

I don't know where to start

what to put in the washing machine
what to put away
why the lego has grown while we were away
what to eat

OK calmer now - amazing what a cup of tea will do
Copy all photos onto computer and back it up
Unpacked suitcase
Not even LOOKING in the Kids room
Bills and dockets can wait till tomorrow

Here is something cool we saw today in Emerald - it is the biggest Van Gogh Sunflower painting in the world!

And we turned over our Van Gogh calendar today and guess what the picture is? The church out of the Doctor Who episode! So we are having a very arty and Whovian day

Friday, September 30, 2011

back home - what an adventure

We have been out of internet range for some of the last week and so shagged the other days that I have not updated this blog but I have lots of photos and notes about interesting things we noticed on the way through so will be posting a lot in the next few days
Meanwhile we are having the arrive at home kind of adventures after travelling from Emerald to Townsville this morning
Taff has glued his behind to the couch because the AFL grand final is on
The Kid wants to dump all the holiday crap in his room and play xbox. If he does that he will be unable to enter his room due to space constraints
The pool is a pleasant shade of light green so I have put the filter on and chucked a hose in
There was a pumpkin growing mould in the fridge and a loaf gone all green in the bread bin
I have washed shoes, a vomited on cuddle pillow and a towel. Not sure what to chuck in next as I have no place to hang it out
will update soon. real soon

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Yesterday we found our retirement spot

We left Elanora on the Tweed Coast nice and early for the long drive to Newcastle so at lunchtime we pulled over to Nambucca Heads and spent almost two hours having a picnic and walking at the beach at Wellington Point - what a hidden treasure
There are painted rocks all along the board walk which show that we are not the only people who think this place is paradise
We walked out to a secluded beach and the boys went rock scrambling
If we didn't have the Kid and some older monkeys to be concerned about I think we could happily sell up tomorrow and move to a weeny little beachside shack
So here are some pictures of our lovely day at the beach

Newcastle NSW

Today we are in Newcastle NSW with an old friend we had not seen since 1987
We headed for the newly opened Newcastle Museum and spent some time playing in Supanova with all kinds of magnets and other physics activies
We visited a restaurant which was appropriately named "3 monkeys" for lunch and sat in the street to eat
Unfortunately the kid got a bird dropping on his new hat and his bacon which made for some pouting and upsettedness
Then we went up to the old fort which overlooks the bay and after that a long leisurely drive through the famous wine country of the Hunter Valley
Tonight we are going out for a Mexican feast!

Sky climb - Seaworld - pics