Sunday, September 18, 2011

A couple of days in Central Queensland

Yesterday we headed south on the Bruce Highway. We saw a very tanned, happy man walking along the highway in a pair of satin boxer shorts and thongs. He was singing (loudly) and pushing a shopping trolley with a P plate attached to it
We passed hills with charred trees as a result of the recent brush fires. Some were still burning high on the hills near Mt Elliott
We put the pod on shuffle for a while
The Queensland roadscape is much more familiar to us than when we moved up here 20 years ago. Spindly drought resistant trees, bony white cattle and termite mounds
About an hour later we were driving through the canefields near Ayr and pointing out the cane trains and the tall smokestacks of the cane refineries
We stopped at a place with a huge snake which is set around
interred indigenous remains - here is a picture of the Kid on the snake
We drove through Home Hill which must be a very genteel place to live - they have a big sign that says "Comfort Stop" rather than "Toilet"
There were fields with all kinds of things growing. Corn, mangoes, tomatoes and sunflowers! And cane fields as far as the eye could see
We spent the night at Kipara Rainforest Retreat at Airlie Beach - woke to the sounds of birds and the sight of bush turkeys
We had a lovely grilled reef fish dinner at Capers Restaurant on the Esplanade - Airlie Beach was humming.
We walked past the same place after breakfast this morning and saw tiny red chinned finches flying about under the awnings
Our last memorable Airlie Beach moment was the kookaburra on the road sign as we headed south towards Mackay

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