Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sky climb - Seaworld

We left Brisvegas yesterday with the intention of travelling to Currumbin Wildlife Park. Unfortunately due to a vomit related incident (thanks Kid) the night before we were somewhat less prepared than we had planned to be and so as the conversation in the TARDIS mobile turned to sharks (as it does wtf?) we decided to hit Seaworld instead on the proviso that there were no movies or unreasonable queueing for rides
The Kid last went to seaworld as a weeny toddlery beastie so had no memory except of being terrified on the Bermuda Triangle, which was closed for maintenance
We had the loveliest day - I will post separate pics of the highlights as I still can't work out how to format the dang blog.
The absolute highlight was the new Castaway Bay SkyClimb which cost extra but both Taff and the Kid got all harnessed up and really had a blast - they caught the last climb of the day and were up there for AGES
You can see from the pics that Taff had to hold on pretty tight but the Kid ran around in the sky like it was his natural environment - when he couldn't reach the upper ropes he just pushed his harness along in front of him!
It was awesome - should be more of it

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