Sunday, September 18, 2011


Well those nineteenth century cave explorers did it hard
We are told they crawled and walked through metre deep guano with only a rope and candle to guide them
We followed in the footsteps of John Olsen yesterday and explored the Capricorn Caves
We arrived there about 3pm after stopping at Calen for fresh strawberries and Kolijo for the toilets
On the way we spotted a road kill variation - a dingo not a kangaroo (we had already seen heaps of those)
I started a small crochet project and Taff and the Kid engaged in a noisy enthusiastic game of road cricket. For those who don't know the rules this game is played using oncoming traffic to score runs. A white car is one, blue two, red six and any trailer, caravan, truck or ute is out. It can cause minor brainmelt, but is great fun. We also listened to some audiobooks as well as Sugarland and Neil Diamond. The caves are incredibly beautiful with tiny endangered ferns and long fig roots growing through the rock in some places. There was a formation which looked like a fossilised Ood To Be Continued.

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