Friday, September 16, 2011

Leaving a day early

Yesterday the Kid said "Why can't we go sooner?"
Today I woke without a hangover
So today we are packing up the car and headed for beautiful Airlie Beach where we have one night booked here

Taff decided a wheel alignment is required. This is what I said when I called him from Hobart on the 5th of this month. So he called somewhere this morning and the car is booked in for 9.30 am

Kid has just emerged and dumped bag and all belongings all over the table before anyone has breakfast despite my instructions to "plug in everything that neds recharging, have breakfast and clean your teeth, THEN bring out your bag"

It's gonna be a long morning

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  1. update: Taff just pulled up in the driveway (best movie stunt driver impersonation) he had gone to the wrong tyre place - where is he supposed to be headed?
    I guess I am the navigator for the next two weeks