Friday, September 9, 2011

Confusing week

I am on HOLIDAY well I should have been at 6pm tonight when I arrived home from beautiful food filled Tasmania but the Taff is still there - he and I met briefly yesterday for a cup of tea and a hug. Sadly a vacancy at work has been advertised so some of my fun planning week (this week) will be used to write an application.

I have been south since last Friday and Taff flew down on Wednesday but not to the same place as me (are you confused yet?) We met briefly yesterday for a cuppa and a hug and then drove off in different directions

I managed to squeeze in visits to some people I love a whole lot as well as a stop at the Christmas Hills Raspberry farm and a whole day at MONA an experience not to be missed. Sydney Nolan's snake and some sound installations which are just crying out to be the next Doctor Who filming location. Sadly I didn't get to Reliquaire which is one of my favourite places on the planet

So this week is haircuts and wheel alignments - after I unpack. And lots of list writing

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