Friday, September 9, 2011

Preparation - backpacks

Well I thought I would like a backpack. Because I don't want to lug my Mary Poppins style handbag EVERYWHERE. And I might want to carry a book or magazine, a snack, a cardi or a water bottle as well.

So what does this backpack need to accommodate?
Today's bag inventory:
My ipod touch (of course)
My purse which is large and red
Reading glasses
Ecobag (from ecosilk have you seen them?)
Hankerchiefs (because I am a sinus plagued old fashioned gal)
Teabags (in a cloth wallet gifted to me by a dear friend)
Purple silk coin purse
Purple silk wallet with various painkillers in it
Purple notebook (are we getting the theme people?)
Tube of hand cream
Asthma puffer
Glass cleaning cloth
Mirror in a compact
Emery board in a plastic case so it doesn't scratch stuff
Classy ABA pen (for when I am being grown up)
Purple sparkly Smiggle pen (the real me trying to get out)
Floss (so I can kid myself I will)
Mobile phone (currently a small, stupid brick)
Hand Gel
Sewing Kit
Rescue Remedy (useful if I am stressed because I can't find stuff in my bag)
3 kinds of lip balm (clearly I have an addiction)

We went to BCF, Kathmandu and Anaconda. I ended up buying this one at Anaconda for the kid.

Anyone know of the perfect backpack for me to buy?


  1. Mmmm. Do you need a new phone then Donna? I see a conflict... iPod Touch, android tablet. Which way to go?

  2. Not planning to give Apple any phone money any time soon - the Android marketplace seems to be catching up on the app front