Monday, September 19, 2011

Timey wimey (when you need a real TARDIS)

last night the Kid said "I wish we could go whale watching" and I thought "What a good idea" So we had breakfast, got on the road, farewelled Rockhampton and cranked up Google to see how one arranged whale watching in Hervey Bay.
We phoned the lovely people at the Spirit of Hervey Bay and booked for three, planned minimal toilet breaks and went for it.
Then came the road works, shortly followed by the police car which screamed down the road right in front of us but in the opposite direction. We pulled over and watched as a large Queenslander (house) trundled up the road. It was wider than both lanes!
The boat was scheduled to leave at 1.30pm
We emailed ahead to say we would be pushing it to make it in time, then phoned at 1.26 and the skipper agreed to hold the catamaran for 10 minutes ...
At 1.39pm feeling sick with anxiety we called again to say we were 2 streets away. We were ushered in to a car park and boarded to a round of applause.

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