Thursday, September 15, 2011

last minute shopping

I went to Weight Watchers this morning and stocked up on their toffee bars - a great substitute for a chocolate at a petrol stop
This afternoon we bought milk in a weeny bottle and cereal in a weeny box (that NEVER happens - we generally buy 3 litres and the giant box) as well as some fruit and biscuits for the Kid
Taff is mulching the garden in the hope that it might get watered a little by the older monkeys while we are away
We had the pool tested and are adding acid and chlorine tablets and switching it off till we get back
I have had a lovely day - very spoilt with gifts and lunch out with my mum. I was given bamboo chopping boards, a cheese board, a Keep Cup, a framed picture of the Ross Bridge (my godfather was involved with the restoration). A purple hemp satchel, a wallet, a hair straightener, a backpack, a scrapbooking box, monkey bookmark, red oven mitts and a Mindfood subscription. Today a mystery gift arrived in the post.
Tonight we are going to Shakespeare under the Stars and tomorrow is washing and packing and kicking back so we don't start off tired.

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